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Jade Facial Massage

Jade Facial Massage

Jade Facial Massage

If you are looking for a pure, rejuvenating experience that will revive and renew your skin, the Jade Facial Massage is the ideal choice. It is a centuries-old beauty ritual and anti-aging treatment rooted in Chinese and East Asian traditions. It is performed with jade stone rollers that have been around for centuries, as the stone is believed to have healing and protective properties.

We provide our clients with a serene, opulent experience by providing a relaxing massage in an incredibly tranquil setting that enhances your natural beauty!

Jade is relatively cool to the touch and can stay cool even when it comes in contact with the skin. This cooling helps brighten your complexion, reduces puffiness, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and promotes blood circulation.

Price: $50

What Does Jade Facial Massage Involve?

We harness the strength of this traditional method to provide an unparalleled rejuvenating Jade Facial Massage service. Here's what you can expect during your session:

  • Our skilled therapists will thoroughly clean your skin before skillfully rolling a cool, smooth jade stone over it using face oil to create a calming, stress-relieving experience. We will roll your face in an outward motion. Light to medium pressure can help products penetrate deeper and increase blood flow, while light pressure can help drain lymphatic fluids.
  • The excess fluids should then be allowed to drain to the lymphatic system as our expert moves the roller from the clavicle down the back of your ears.
  • After your Jade Facial Massage, our expert will prepare your skin to absorb your preferred skincare products, maximizing their efficacy.

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Benefits of Our Jade Facial Massage

This ancient practice that has been around for centuries provides you with the following benefits:

  • The jade roller enhances skin tone and blood circulation.
  • It encourages lymphatic drainage, which reduces puffiness.
  • Maximize tissue regeneration and microcirculation to improve the complexion.
  • Increase the impact of facial skin care cosmetics.
  • Significantly extend the skin's youthfulness.
  • You can eliminate all indications of inflammation, irritation, stress, and fatigue with a beautiful female face.
  • The skin becomes more elastic.
  • The roller slows down aging and minimizes wrinkles.
  • Your under-eye circles will no longer be an issue.
  • Toxins are eliminated. The roller's motion on the skin improves circulation. Cell renewal occurs with increased lymphatic and circulatory flow.
  • Jade is a stone, so it stays cold even in warm weather, which causes your pores to close.

Let your inner and outer beauty shine as you experience the soothing, revitalizing power of this ancient secret of anti-aging and glowing skin. Make an appointment today to start the journey to enhancing your natural radiance. Your journey to calm beauty starts with a touch of jade!

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