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Enzyme Peel 40 min

Enzyme Peel 40 min

Enzyme Peel 40 min

Are you looking for a quick, easy, and natural way to refresh and radiate your skin? Then the enzyme peel is for you! It is a gentle exfoliating procedure for the skin. It peels off the top layer of skin using natural enzymes to reveal a fairer complexion, more youthful and smoother skin.

We have perfected the art of the 40-Minute Enzyme Peel to deliver remarkable results in a convenient time frame that will drastically improve your appearance, leaving you with a youthful glow!

The enzyme peel is made from fruit enzymes. It nourishes and sloughs off dead skin cells, creating the perfect PH. Balance for your skin. It also fights free radical damage, which causes premature aging, by removing the top layer of skin and exposing newer skin.

Price: $150

What Does Scalp Massage Involve?

Our expert aesthetician performs this transformative procedure in the following way:

  • Firstly, our experienced professional will clean your face and apply an enzyme peel solution to your face using cotton or gauze pads soaked in the solution. Then, it leaves your skin for a specific amount of time. Proteins in the solution aid in the destruction of keratinocytes, the skin cells that make up the epidermis
  • Later, our expert will gently remove the peel, which will remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote a more even skin tone.
  • After removing the peel, the technician will either continue the facial if there are additional add-on steps or apply moisturizer and sunscreen.

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Benefits of Our Scalp Massage

This incredible treatment will help your skin receive the following benefits:

  • Complete skin cleansing (removes debris, bacteria, and dead skin)
  • Boost the growth of new skin (epidermis)
  • Replenish the skin's diminished moisture
  • Smoothen and even out the skin's texture.
  • Reduce the hyperpigmentation look
  • Minimize the effects of aging and sun damage
  • Reduce redness and swelling
  • Improving skin texture and elasticity
  • Revitalize, illuminate, and enhance lifeless skin

We are dedicated to making the transformative benefits of our 40-Minute Enzyme Peel readily available to everyone

Rediscover the beauty that lies beneath the surface with our 40-Minute Enzyme Peel service, which will provide you with a glow that will last a long time! Book your appointment today.

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