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2023 Actimel 5 Handles Body Sculpting Machine Farslim Neo Rf 14 Tesla Bodi Sculpting Body Slimming Shaping Muscle Building Machine

2023 Actimel 5 Handles Body Sculpting Machine Farslim Neo Rf 14 Tesla Bodi Sculpting Body Slimming Shaping Muscle Building Machine


This muscle building instrument uses non-invasive HIFEM technology to release high-frequency magnetic vibration energy through two large treatment handles to penetrate the muscles to a depth of 8cm, and induce continuous expansion and contraction of muscles to achieve high-frequency extreme training , to deepen the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement), and produce new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), thereby training and increasing muscle density and volume


The world's first non-invasive hip augmentation (hip lift) equipment

  • Customers who do not want to have injections or surgery
  • Tighten, lift and shape the buttocks to bring women a rounded "Brazilian electric hip"
  • For customers who are struggling to exercise their buttocks to a new level
  • Enhance the strength and endurance of the buttocks muscles. Customers who work hard to lift their hips can directly dream of it.
Principle of Muscle Gain

Principle of Muscle Gain

Strengthen muscles & reduce fat

Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology —> through stimulation of nerves —> continuous expansion and contraction of autologous muscles —> extreme training —> deep remodeling of muscles—> growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement) —> production of new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscles) Hyperplasia)—> to train and increase muscle density and volume

Effect Comparison

These before-and-after images vividly exemplify the compelling effects of EMS technology. In the "before" images, you can observe the initial stage, often marked by less noticeable muscle definition. However, in the contrasting "after" images, the transformation becomes evident, featuring a visibly toned and well-defined physique, effectively showcasing the remarkable muscle-building results achieved through consistent use of EMS treatments.

Effect Comparison

Q & A

Q: Which parts of the body can be used slim beauty machine?

A: It was approved by CE、ISO9001, it can improve the muscle lines of buttocks and abdomen, and also help to promote fat metabolism. The most suitable parts are: abdomen, buttock, triceps.

Q: What do users need to prepare for using the slim beauty machine?

A: It’s recommended that users wear comfortable clothes so that they can position themselves flexibly in the process

Q: Does it hurt?

A: The program itself is painless. There is no need for anesthesia. Just lie down and use two panels at the same time to apply high intensity focused electromagnetic energy. The feeling during treatment is best compared to your muscle feeling during intense exercise.

Q: How long will you see the effect after the treatment?

A: some users found that the abdominal muscle line had improved one day after the treatment. To achieve the effect of breaking down fat and increasing muscle, 4 treatments were needed. The best effect is 2-4 weeks after the course of treatment. After the treatment, it can reduce fat by 19% and increase muscle by 16%.

Q: How long can the effect last?

A: Do 4 times, the effect can be up to six months. But some people may need additional treatments for the best results. If you take the course every 2-3 months, you can better maintain the optimal state.


  • It can set different muscle training modes.
  • Dual handles, it can operate two persons at the same time, suitable for men and women.
  • It’s safe and non-invasive, non-current, non-hyperthermia, and non-radiation, and no recovery period.
  • No knife, no injection, no medicine, no exercise, no diet, Just Lying down can burn fat and build muscle, and reshape the beauty of lines.
  • Saving time and effort, only lying down for 30 minutes = 30000 muscle contractions (equivalent to 30000 belly rolls / squats)
  • It’s simple operation and bandage type. The operating head only needs to be placed on the operating part of the guest, and it can be reinforced with a special equipment band, without the need for a beautician to operate the instrument, which is convenient and simple.
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