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Eyebrow Tinting 30 min

eyebrow tinting

Get Your Eyebrows Filled With Glow Skincare by Angela!

If you're fed up with the daily hassle of eyebrow filling, brow tinting might be the right option for you. This is a semi-permanent method but more long-lasting. It helps by altering your eyebrow color, giving them a nice, rich look, and making them fuller.

We offer the best eyebrow tinting services at Glow Skincare by Angela, which help define and contour your appearance and add a pop of color that lasts for months. Experience fuller features that make it simple to go makeup-free more frequently by letting your eyebrows shine with us!

Make brows darker, shape, fullness, and texture all make a difference, and so can the actual color of your brows, which is where eyebrow tinting comes in. Brow tinting is a noninvasive way to enhance and define your existing brow hairs using semi-permanent dye to darken the finer and lighter brow hairs that normally can't be seen.

Price: $149

Our Eyebrow Tinting Services

At Glow Skincare by Angela, we believe beauty is not one-size-fits-all. Our certified experts use their expertise and industry-leading products to create a refined, custom look that is perfect for you!

Getting your brows tinted is very similar to getting your hair colored. Our dye process is completely safe, and our professional esthetician undergoes extensive training to perfect their application technique.

eyebrow tinting
eyebrow tinting

Our Eyebrow Tinting Process

First, we conduct a consultation, which will help you choose the best color for your natural brows.

After that, a foundation cream or petroleum jelly is applied around the brow to prevent the color from staining the skin. Then, it is time for you to close your eyes and relax completely while your stylist applies the tinting solution; it will take 1-5 minutes (depending on the hair type).

When it's done, our esthetician will top off the service with a gentle sweep brow brush.
Enjoy the color and confidence of naturally beautiful brows for weeks!

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

If you prefer your brows to be full and want to simplify your routine, you should try Glow Skincare by Angela's brow tinting service. If you like the result, it may be easier than ever to get your brows looking just how you want them. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • Fuller-looking brows
  • Defines brow shape
  • Symmetrical brows
  • Results last up to a month
  • Darkens light brow hairs
  • More youthful appearance
  • Pain-free brow enhancement
  • Smudge-proof

How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Take?

Eyebrow tinting is a quick 30-minute procedure—just what you need to finish the day strong!
Book your schedule now! Make your Eyebrows fuller with Glow Skincare by Angela.

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