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Eyebrow Waxing

Glow by Angela Skincare Provides the Best Wax-Brow Shaping Service.

Glow by Angela Skincare Provides the Best Wax-Brow Shaping Service.

Getting the perfect brow shape is one of the simplest ways to add symmetry to your face and turn back the clock. If your beauty goal is to look more natural, brow shaping will give you full-looking brows that frame your eyes and leave you looking youthful and polished. Brow shaping is more detailed and design-oriented. So it’s crucial that you choose someone professional. Glow Skincare by Angela provides professional and excellent services to their clients to aid in the process.

A brow-shaping experience is completely customized for every person who walks through the door. Instead of simply pulling out stray hairs, our esthetician will spend time understanding your needs and recommending what type of brow will look best with your facial shape, eye shape, and coloring. Once you and the esthetician decide where you want your brows to go, they will measure them and map out which hairs will stay and which will go. Our artist then applies wax to the excess hairs and removes them once the brows have been drawn. After the waxing is finished, the artist will typically use a serum or oil to remove any excess product and soothe your skin. They should then trim your brows. Trimming should not be limited to simply shortening and cleaning them up. A good brow trim can texturize the hair and help it shape properly. This is how we interact with everyone to improve their experience with us.

Price: $23

Get Efficient Hair Removal With Brow Shaping

Eyebrow waxing is a time-saving method for removing hair from the brows. Unlike plucking, which removes one hair at a time, waxing can remove multiple hairs simultaneously. This means that the process is faster and more convenient, which is especially beneficial for those with hectic schedules.

Get Efficient Hair Removal With Brow Shaping

Reduced Risk of Ingrown Hairs With Brow Shaping

Ingrown hairs are a common problem when using other hair removal methods. Waxing prevents hair from curling back into the skin by removing it from the root and lowering the chances of ingrown hairs. This results in a smoother, bump-free brow area.

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