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Full Body Waxing

Waxing — Full Body

Waxing — Full Body

Waxing the entire body is completely safe and well worth the effort. A full-body wax involves the removal of hair from every part of your body. The arms, underarms, bikini area, and entire legs are included. You can expect to have smooth skin for 3 to 6 weeks after the procedure. This is entirely dependent on your personal hair growth cycle and waxing routine. More on that later. If you want to get rid of your unwanted hair, come to Glow Skincare by Angela. Our professional staff is eager to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

When you come in for a professional waxing treatment, the therapist will usually begin by heating the wax and then spreading it with a spatula across the desired area for removal. Then, depending on the site, they will either leave the wax to cool before peeling it off or press a fabric strip down on top of the wax. At this point, the wax will adhere to the hairs and be ripped away from the follicles in the opposite direction of hair growth. This usually stops hair growth for 2-8 weeks, though it may be sooner, depending on your personal hair growth cycle.

Price: $695


Soft Wax removes hair with a strip and is typically used on larger areas of the body, such as the arms, legs, back, and chest.



Hard wax is a strip that is typically used on more sensitive areas of the body, such as the Brazilian/Bikini area and small areas. Before beginning your treatment, our expert aestheticians will discuss your treatment and recommend the best type of wax to minimize discomfort.

Benefits Of Waxing

  • Healthier Skin: Waxing is a mechanical exfoliation procedure that results in brighter, younger-looking skin.
  • Smoother Skin: After your wax, your skin will most likely be smoother than ever. This is because waxing removes hair from the root while exfoliating your skin.
  • Longer-Lasting Results: When hair is removed from the root, it takes much longer to regrow than when it is shaved.
  • Minimal Irritation: Many people find epilation and cream hair removal methods to be irritating to their skin. Conversely, waxing rarely causes this problem when performed by one of our licensed professionals at Glow Skincare by Angela.

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We offer two different methods of waxing: hard wax and soft wax. Both methods provide stunning results and work well with sensitive skin.

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