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Underarm Waxing

Waxing – Underarms

Waxing – Underarms

Underarm waxing is a popular hair removal method that has grown in popularity recently. It is a quick and easy way to remove hair from the underarm area, leaving smooth, hair-free skin behind. Shaving and depilatory creams are not always practical or pleasant. Glow Skincare by Angela offers high-quality underarm waxing for the benefit of our clients. Our esthetician will start by cleaning and prepping your underarm skin. The wax will then be applied in long swaths to your underarms in the direction of hair growth. When the wax has hardened, they quickly pull the strip, taking the hair with it. This only lasts a few seconds. They will then move on to the next area and repeat the process. Following your waxing, our esthetician will apply a soothing treatment to reduce post-waxing irritation. The area may get slightly pink, which is a normal reaction caused by increased blood flow, and will subside in a few hours.

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Underarm Waxing Can Lighten the Skin

Shaving can cause the underarm area to become dark and discolored within a few hours. Razors only remove hair from the surface, not from the root. Shaving can also cause an accumulation of dead skin cells, which contributes to the shadowy appearance and encourages ingrown hairs.

On the other hand, waxing your armpits removes hair from the root while also exfoliating dead skin cells. As a result, the armpit area feels and looks smoother and lighter—no more embarrassing underarm shadows.

Underarm Waxing Can Lighten the Skin
Enjoy Smooth Skin for Weeks with Underarm Waxing

Enjoy Smooth Skin for Weeks with Underarm Waxing

Hair regrowth can be seen as little as a day after shaving. Many women must shave every day to keep their underarms stubble-free.

However, if your armpits are professionally waxed, they will be smooth and hair-free for weeks. Waxing results can last anywhere from two to eight weeks, depending on your natural regrowth cycle.

Regular waxing also results in slower and finer hair regrowth. As a result, you can take longer between appointments as time goes on. During this time, however, it's important to avoid shaving. Pick up the razor, and you will disrupt your hair regrowth cycle, which means the next time you have your armpits waxed, the results will not last as long.

Benefits of Underarm Wax

  • Underarm waxing has two advantages: convenience and long-lasting results.
  • Instead of shaving every day, underarm waxing provides quick, convenient hair removal from the entire area in one simple visit every two weeks (or longer, depending on your hair growth volume).
  • Hair that has been waxed may eventually thin out or stop growing entirely.
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